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TOOLMINDER, Track and Trace

TOOLMINDER ideal for companies in many industry sectors including but not limited to: Tool Hire, Facilities management, Grounds-care, Construction, Forestry, Fabrication, Rail, Engineering, Local Authorities or those who run their own Plant Departments.

  • Defined Assets Power tools, consumables, lifting equipment, PPE, access platforms, vehicles, spare parts, hand tools, generic equipment.
  • Check in, Check out RFID and Barcoding, Model number, Plant number, Serial number, descriptions, images, attachments.
  • Asset control Asset location, department, site, person, conditions, status, movements.
  • Asset performance Safely track assets, service, maintenance, test, inspection and PAT test schedules.
  • Asset compliance Health and Safety information, Hand Arm and Whole body Vibration, Noise Levels, Weights, Dust Extraction, PPE, PAT Testing, OLER inspections.
  • Employee records Training courses attended, alerts for training renewals, duties, driving details, HAV exposure levels.

PAT Testing, made simple

TOOLMINDER delivers the latest generation of PAT testing software that enables you to upload/download data and produce PAT test labels and reports in minutes.

Developed to be fully compatible with the Megger PAT 400 series, TOOLMINDER offers a new dimension in PAT testing, labelling and tagging. Combined with the Megger PAT450, the system is particularly suitable for use in tool hire where equipment is routinely tested prior to hire, and workshops where deep disassembly is routine. The PAT 450 is the preferred choice for the hire industry due to its ability to perform a flash test in addition to standard PAT tests. TOOLMINDER is also the only PAT testing system that offers Direct Connect between tester and PC. Direct Connect allows for a quick, reliable transfer of data between the PAT tester and PC, enabling you to upload/download data and produce PAT test labels and reports in minutes with high levels of accuracy.

All items for test are recalled on the PC by manual entry of the plant number, scanning a barcode or reading an RFID electronic tag. TOOLMINDER then configures the PAT450 with the test sequences to perform, automatically storing results giving a real time history against each asset. One click automatically produces a PAT test label, test certificates and detailed PAT reports. The added benefit of our automated system is the back up of all data providing a full audit trail.


Vibration, Hand Arm and Whole Body

TOOLMINDER provides a number of systems for vibration exposure management.

A vibration exposure planning tool allows a work activity to be defined, tools to be selected and usage times added to give a detailed report of the likely exposure for the task. Issue the risk assessments and use our tag and log book system to collect and report on your employees exposure.

  • Daily exposure by operator
  • Daily exposure by date
  • Total exposure
  • Exposure graph
  • Total tool exposure
  • Tool exposure graph
  • Tool usage
  • Visual Tags
  • Points Per Hour or Points per minute usage times
  • Vibration Exposure Log Books
  • Employee Exposure reports

Safety Data Sheet


Apps for Windows and Mobile Devices

HAV Calculator
HAV Calculator

The Hand Arm Vibration Calculator from Earlsmere allows users to instantly work out the vibration level of any tool. Simply enter the vibration magnitude and the HAV Calculator will automatically work out how long you can safely use the tool for.

It’s easy to use, accurate and you can take it anywhere your phone goes, ideal for anyone who works on a number of sites or regularly uses power tools.

Download from Windows Store