Reduce PAT Testing time by 40%

Reduce PAT Testing time by 40%

Earlsmere’s renowned asset tracking and tracing software, TOOLMINDER, allows users to track the vibration levels of all assets within a business, thus helping to reduce an employee’s exposure to dangerous vibration levels in an attempt to prevent Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). With the ever increasing emphasis on electrical safety in the work place, we have also developed a system in which TOOLMINDER can track Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) results. The system is a culmination of work undertaken between Earlsmere, Megger Instruments, Derry Building Services and Makita UK. Hire Station is one such company that has reaped the benefits of TOOLMINDER’s PAT Testing System.

Carl Huntington of Hire Station said that “Apart from a few isolated teething problems which is expected with a new system roll out across all branches, the project has been a resounding success and brought improvement to the business”. This sentiment is shared by Phil Jones, Regional Director who has been instrumental in the projects deliverance. At a recent meeting with Carl and Phil, Robert Davies of Earlsmere was thrilled to find out that Trading Standards whilst conducting an audit at a Hire Station branch had commented on the new system saying “What an excellent PAT testing system, it’s about time all Hire companies were using this system”. Robert went on to say “the most pleasing part of the project and system is that it has exceeded expectations and we are delighted by the comments from Carl but equally happy that the same positive feedback is now coming from Hire Station branch managers and system users”

TOOLMINDER was originally presented to Hire Station by Makita UK construction division as part of their programme to promote products that can help the industry as a whole on subjects such as Hand Arm Vibration , Noise, Dust and other related requirements. Improved PAT testing was considered to be one of these and Makita knew that TOOLMINDER would soon be supporting the Megger PAT 400 series.

Hire Station now have the system running in every branch workshop with new PAT testing booths equipped with dedicated PC’s, PAT450 testers and label printers. Users simply enter the Plant Number in TOOLMINDER and the software configures the PAT tester which instructs the operator the sequence of tests to perform. Upon completion the results are automatically saved and a legible label is printed. The system also generates reports and certificates and has a function to provide ad-hoc testing to branch customers with certificate and label. All test results, pass limits and credentials are made available across the network and a ‘link’ in TOOLMINDER updates Hire Stations hire control software.

TOOLMINDER knows which branch the test is being performed in, who performed the test and even records which PAT tester was used by serial number and software version. Not only does it speed up the overall testing process, improve the detail and legibility of labelling, TOOLMINDER also delivers the most comprehensive audit trail of results Hire Station have ever seen and this is now available centrally to their business. The system has now been running live for nearly 12 months, working 6 days a week in 75 branches supporting over 70,000 assets.

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