Tool Hire PAT Testing

Tool Hire PAT Testing

When it comes to the Tool Hire industry, the reliability of tools and safety of their users is of the utmost importance. As the business revolves around supplying high quality tools, making sure they are in full operational order is paramount in ensuring a customer is happy. PAT testing is now an industry standard with many companies regularly performing in house PAT tests.

“It is strongly recommended that equipment suppliers formally inspect and test the equipment before each hire, in order to ensure it is safe to use. The person hiring the equipment should also take appropriate steps to ensure it remains safe to use throughout the hire period. The question ‘What is portable appliance testing?’ above gives guidance on what this will entail.” – Health and Safety Executive

When it comes to commercial PAT testing – performing tests on everyday appliances – a PAT tester performing manual tests is usually sufficient. However, when you start operating on a large scale, managing a number of tools that need to be tested regularly, you might find yourself spending more time than you would like performing these manual tests. Thankfully, Earlsmere offer a great solution to speeding up the PAT testing process whilst improving accuracy by automating much of the testing procedure.

The TOOLMINDER PAT testing system includes a Megger 450 PAT tester, a Brother printer and TOOLMINDER, our asset tracking and tracing software. Of course, there are myriad of software systems out there to help with PAT test management, but what sets TOOLMINDER apart is its ability to directly connect to the PAT450. This bypasses the usual method of manual entry, completely automating the process.

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