TOOLMINDER® integrates RFID technology into its PAT Testing System

TOOLMINDER® integrates RFID technology into its PAT Testing System

After the initial success of TOOLMINDER’s PAT testing system, Earlsmere have developed a new way in which our software can work in conjunction with RFID. We have gone on to release a new version of the software being used by Derry Building Services which sees the whole process being controlled by RFID. Users at Derry’s don’t even enter a plant number but just scan the tool and the software takes care of the rest. TOOLMINDER is forming a total track, test, inspect and alert system for Derry, utilising TOOLMINDER Mobile to take PAT Testing efficiency to the next level.

The functionality of the software next being considered is the printing of safety datasheets which may include TOOLMINDER’s advanced PPE reports. Other capabilities of the software include the possibility for any branch to supply HAVmeter systems with ease which includes HAVS reporting, programming HAVmeter tool tags in branch or on-site and the printing and programming of HAVmeter swipe cards. TOOLMINDER also has the functionality to allow RFID tagging of hire plant and this could be deployed on a branch by branch basis, per customer / contract or across the entire fleet. If done then the mobile PDA functions of the software will provide full on-site inspection, repair, calibration, service and PAT test information and control.

This project shows yet again how collaboration between organisations has led to an improvement to the industry as a whole and to the performance of Hire Stations ever growing business efficiency. It is testament to the ethos of Makita Solutions team who promote services and products from Earlsmere in an unbiased and non-commercial manner. Robert Davies, Earlsmere Director, commented, thanking everyone involved – “This system has gone from concept to delivery through hard work and determination in the early days. It was originally presented in a beta version to Hire Station at Makita UK offices so can I thank Charles Shaw, Construction Division Manager and Phil Bagshaw, Account Manager along with the rest of the Makita team. Much testing and fine tuning was performed and thanks to Gary Hunt at Derrys and Trevor McCardle of PATS Limited for their help with this. Thank you also to Hire Station for seeing the potential in the early days and I think it fair to say, trusting their instinct in choosing the right system and thanks to David Steel of Vp PLC who worked tirelessly to roll out the infrastructure.”

Earlsmere have provided full Service Level Agreements to manage the repair and calibration of all the PAT testers and liaise daily with Vp IT Support and Megger Instruments to ensure the branch testers are operational at all times. To this end anyone wishing to purchase this system can rest assured it is a well proven and maturing Turnkey offering. API’s are available allowing the system to interact with other Hire Control software. Feel free to comment or contact us directly for any further inquiries.

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